Martha Stewart Food includes baking mixes, pasta sauces, and olive oil.
Martha Stewart Essentials Bakeware
Credit: Courtesy of Martha Stewart Essentials

Martha Stewart is at it again. The domestic goddess has just blessed us with two new collections for the kitchen to strengthen our dinner party-hosting magic and make every meal taste as though it were touched by her hand: Enter Martha Stewart Food and Martha Stewart Essentials.

Martha Stewart Essentials Tableware
Credit: Courtesy of Martha Stewart Essentials

Martha Stewart Food marks her very first line of branded food for Macy's. She's selling pantry staples cupcake and brownie mixes, olive oil, pasta and pasta sauces. According to a statement, Stewart wanted each item from the line to “taste homemade.”

Martha Stewart Essentials Brownies
Credit: Courtesy of Martha Stewart Essentials

Although the Martha Stewart Collection, which includes bedding, cooking appliances, and bathroom accessories, has been sold at Macy’s since 2007, this is the first time that Stewart is introducing packaged foods to the line—surprising, of course, since she has been teaching people how to cook for decades now. She moved into the meal kit delivery space with Marley Spoon in 2016, but this takes branded dishes to the next level.

Martha Stewart Essentials, meanwhile, includes all the basic tools you need to sharpen your cooking and baking skills, from cookie sheets and muffin tins to salad plates and candlesticks. Once again, Stewart proves that she has our best interests at heart—that she wants our homes to look beautiful, our parties to be elegant, and our meals to taste delicious.

Once you’ve stocked your cabinets with her pasta, your wine rack might need a refresher. Stewart’s got your back there too: She started her own wine shop last year, and yes, she tries every wine to make sure it passes muster. And while her cooking videos are always available to you on her website, if you’re eager for more of her cooking advice and critiques, get excited, because she’ll soon be joining the judging table on Chopped.