Martha Stewart Partners With Liquid Death to Release 'Dismembered Moments' Candle

The $58 candle looks like a severed hand holding a can of Liquid Death water.

The Dismembered Moments Luxury Candle by Martha Stewart
Photo: Liquid Death

There are a handful of phrases that you can say that are absolutely timeless, including things like "My Twitter feed is an absolute trash fire" and "I would like to pet that dog." Another one that is applicable, regardless of the week, month, or year is "Martha Stewart has been busy." In the past couple of months, the perpetually energetic 81-year-old has opened her first restaurant in Las Vegas, launched her own Chardonnay with Australian wine brand 19 Crimes, and stripped down to nothing but an apron for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

Her latest collaboration is as surprising as it is spooky. Stewart has partnered with always-aggressive canned water brand Liquid Death to release a limited-edition candle. The "Dismembered Moments Luxury Candle" is an all-black, life-sized model of a severed human hand holding a can of Liquid Death. (And the bright red wick is a nice touch.)

The Dismembered Moments Luxury Candle by Martha Stewart
Liquid Death

"I recently heard about an interesting new beverage company called Liquid Death," Stewart says in a gleefully gory promo video. "Together we teamed up to create an utterly delightful candle. A lot of people are asking me how we made them so realistic. Well, it's not easy: each one is made by hand." (The video is suitable for the squeamish, we promise.)

The unscented "Dismembered Moments" candle is seven inches tall and has an estimated burn time of 60 hours — which should be enough to see you through the rest of October. Each candle retails for $58 and is now available for purchase exclusively on The cut-off for Halloween delivery is Thursday, October 20.

The Dismembered Moments Luxury Candle by Martha Stewart
Liquid Death

Liquid Death is certainly having a moment. The California-based brand is currently valued at $700 million, and could rake in up to $125 million in revenue this year. On Monday, Bloomberg reported that the company just raised another $70 million in its most recent funding round; its investors include venture capital firm Science Ventures, Live Nation Entertainment, dance music supergroup Swedish House Mafia, and comedian Whitney Cummings.

The brand's co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Mike Cessario credited part of the brand's success — and undoubtedly part of its appeal — to its unmistakable skull-emblazoned cans, which make it look "fun and unhealthy." (Liquid Death's slogan is "Murder Your Thirst," which you'd likely never see on one of LaCroix's pastel 12-packs.)

And, after this candle drops, we honestly can't wait to see what Martha Stewart gets into next. You just know she's already busy with something else.

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