Martha Stewart Is Launching Her Own Online Wine Shop and Club

And it's pretty affordable too.

martha stewart wine co.
Photo: © Kate Mathis

If you're a Martha Stewart fanatic your kitchen is already built with Martha Stewart cabinets. You already cook with Martha Stewart pots and pans. You're already eating off Martha Stewart dinnerware. You're probably even putting together entire meals with her new meal delivery service. So why not just let her pick your wine for you too? Starting today, you can – because she's just launched the new Martha Stewart Wine Company.

The Martha Stewart Wine Company is an online wine shop featuring "a collection of wines tasted and selected by Martha from the world's great wine regions, plus a special collection of 'Martha's Favorites' that she reaches for first when entertaining family and friends," according to a press release. These wines were chosen with the help of an "expert panel" that includes former French Laundry sommelier Chris Hoel and an undisclosed in-house winemaker, though the project is also a collaboration with wine delivery marketing company DRINKS, so they likely already had some brands in mind. Still, the endeavor promises that these wines "have all passed Martha's personal test for quality, delicious flavor, and the ability to pair well with food."

"I am excited to bring my passion for wine to wine lovers across the nation with Martha Stewart Wine Co.," Stewart said in a statement. "Wine has played an important role in that part of my life focused on entertaining and teaching others how to entertain. With the launch of this fabulous online wine shop, I am confident that we can teach consumers how to pour the right wine, and enjoy the right wine, at every occasion."

A quick peek at the online shop – which sells wine by the bottle, no subscription required, but also offers wine club options and gift memberships if that's up your alley – finds about ten bottles landing under "Martha's Favorites" at prices ranging from $12.49 to $24.99 (for a French red from Cahors). Overall, you can find over 30 reds and 14 whites, with sections for rosé, sparkling and dessert wines as well. None of the reds go for more than $25, but the shop also skews towards the accessible – lots of wines built around Malbec and Merlot.

Overall, if you trust the Martha Stewart brand, and obviously many people do, her new wine shop certainly seems like a viable option for delivery wine service. It's something to consider as you tuck yourself into bed tonight under your Martha Stewart sheets.

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