In a Facebook Live with Jennifer Garner, Stewart shared her strategy for cooking lobster in a "humane" way. 
Credit: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

When Martha Stewart talks about cooking, you listen. Even when it gets a bit dark.

On a Monday Facebook Live with Jennifer Garner, the lifestyle mogul opened up about Snoop Dogg, bathrobes, and why she loves to mix crumbled bacon into her mayonnaise (seriously, try it.) She also shared her "tip" for boiling lobsters: Throwing alcohol into the pot, too.

“I boil mine for about 15 minutes," she said. "I put them in boiling water with vodka or tequila. I give them a drink."

When Garner asked why, Stewart's response was quite reasonable: "If you were going to be boiled alive, wouldn’t you like to have a drink first?” She laughed. “About a half a cup of vodka, right into the water.”

On a more practical note, Stewart shared a key tip for breaking down lobsters, which can get tricky: Break them down almost immediately after they're done boiling, as this is when they're easiest to handle. When they've completely cooled, the lobsters become more difficult to break.

"I take my lobsters apart when they are right out of the water," Stewart said. Watch the video below for her technique, around the 18-minute mark.

After breaking down the lobster, Stewart and Garner go on to make bacon-lobster-tomato sandwiches. As mentioned, Stewart likes to crumble bacon into the mayonnaise, so it spreads around the sandwich more evenly—this is a tip she learned from her pal Snoop Dogg. And she insists on using freshly-toasted toast. None of that toasted-an-hour ago toast; you want the bread to still be warm. (You can find the recipe here.)

The duo, who made a peach potpie after the sandwiches, also talked about Garner's new line of organic baby food, Once Upon a Farm.

Unfortunately, plans for a Stewart-Garner cooking show have not yet been announced, but we are waiting patiently.