Expect recipes, old and new, along with op-eds, interviews and personal stories.
Mark Bittman
Credit: Burcu Avsar & Zach DeSart

Mark Bittman fans, the wait is over. For everyone who's been bemoaning the absence of regular columns distilling some of the food world's biggest obstacles into intelligable terms where solutions actually feel within reach, and the approachable—and importantly flexible—recipes from the former New York Times columnist, Monday should be an exciting day. Bittman will launch a new newsletter on October 8, and this, it seems, is just the beginning. Next up will be a podcast, and after that, well, the world is his (sustainably farmed) oyster.

We caught up with Bittman to hear a little bit more about what's in store for the newsletter, which you can subscribe to here. It will start shipping out three times a week, but might increase in frequency, and though the emphasis will be on recipes at first, the content will run the gamut.

"There are like 15,000 'Mark Bittman' recipes, so certainly the core will be: 'Here’s something we think you’d like to cook,'" he says. "I believe my style is unusual enough that people will find that appealing. Then, we’ll try other things, and see how they fly. Reporting, op-ed-ish kinds of things, personal stories... and of course we’ll be open to suggestions."

Fans can expect old recipes as well as new, and as always, the pointers and frameworks that Bittman provides so that cooks can riff and make a dish their own. "I have a friend who complains that I offer too many options, but most people seem to like that, and it is the way to cook—you know, if you can make a soup, you can make a thousand soups. That kind of thing," he says.

Anyone who's close to the media world shouldn't be surprised by the decision to start with a newseltter. They're back, if you didn't know. And, as Bittman puts it, "We can, to use an old phrase, run it up the flagpole and see who salutes." (We missed him, too.)

When we asked what else was on the docket, Bittman replied: "Podcast. Men’s clothing. Defeating Donald Trump. Helping empower the people who should be empowered. Running one more marathon." 'Nuf said. But also, there's a new book! On the heels of this summer's How to Grill Everything (see here for his trusty trick for grilling chicken), Dinner for Everyone: 100 Iconic Dishes Made 3 Ways—Easy, Vegan, or Perfect for Company will come out this February.

What the newsletter, eventually the podcast and whatever comes next offer, too, is the opportunity for engagement. "Social media is great, but sometimes I have more to say. I need a place to write what I hope people want to hear." We're listening.