Food & Wineasks Mario Batali: What are your favorite Italian restaurants in the US?

By Food & Wine
Updated March 31, 2015

Salumi, Seattle

© Bob Peterson

"Salumi is run by my mom, dad and sister. If you have the hot oxtail sandwich there, you'll understand why I am who I am."

Vetri, Philadelphia

© Karen Harmelin

"The crespelle—a savory rolled crepe served at the same time as the pasta course—is just spectacular."

Porchetta, New York City

Courtesy of Porchetta

"There's one menu item—porchetta (stuffed roast pork loin). It comes between bread or on a plate. When I need my mojo worked out, I go here."

Pepolino, New York City

© Ramon Thompson

"Pepolino is pure traditional Tuscan food, as interpreted by true Tuscan cooks, served with mostly Tuscan wine by Tuscan waiters and waitresses."

Pizzeria Picco, Larkspur, CA

© Marlena John

"My friend Bruce Hill understands everything about California cooking yet also focuses just on the perfect pizza dough."

Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix

© John Hall Photography

"Chris Bianco uses all the Neapolitan ideology to make as perfect a pizza as you can find in America."