By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated September 08, 2016
Credit: © Grand Forks Herald / © David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Sure, the food criticism world can get snarky, but Marilyn Hagerty transcends all that. Not only does the 90-year-old viral sensation and writer for the Grand Forks Herald usually have nice things to say about the restaurants she reviews, she also reviews joints the rest of the legit culinary community would completely avoid. Hagerty gained fame for her glowing review of the Olive Garden’s Grand Forks, ND location back in 2012 and followed that up with an equally sweet-natured critique of Applebee’s in 2014. Considering the typically blasé reputation of both chains, Hagerty’s earnest recommendations were a breath of fresh air and she's once again brought that refreshing perspective to her latest entry on Buffalo Wild Wings.

So what did Hagerty think of Buffalo Wild Wings? Aside from the patio area’s pesky wasp infestation, she says it was a “lively, well-organized, sports-style restaurant and bar featuring chicken wings.” Fair enough. She does warn that the Blazin’ sauce is probably too hot for the hoi polloi to handle, so best to stick with the middle of the road options. In what is surely the most biting piece of commentary, Hagerty shames the wing chain’s menus for being sticky and in need of a gentle wipedown. I’ve been to Buffalo Wild Wings, and I can safely say this is an across the board issue, Marilyn. Thank you for bringing it to light.