By Justine Sterling
Updated July 11, 2014
Pretty and potent.
| Credit: © Farrah Hammond and Alex Sammak

At the fifth annual Bay Area High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, $50 and a medical marijuana card granted visitors access to an inner sanctum of booths where growers peddled the newest strains, festival-goers shared their puffable purchases and artisanal edible producers competed for the title of top cannabis edible in California. The winner, which proved that weed has not only gone mainstream but is totally up with the trends, was a selection of macarons from Madame Munchie, a San Francisco–based bakery producing organic, weed-laced versions of the classic French meringue sandwich.

Without the word cannabis on the box, these beautiful maracons look as if they could come from a top Paris bakery. The flavors are decidedly more American, including hazelnut mocha, grilled PB&J, and green gold, created with house-made pistachio butter.

Other top-performing edibles included Badfish beef jerky, Hashman 420 Cherry Bomb (a chocolate bar with Pop Rocks) and Hazelnug & Grub, a snack pack of crackers and weed–infused hazelnut spread.

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