The decluttering master is taking her KonMari method to TV.
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Credit: Getty Images / Mark Sagliocco

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo just yet, you will. The author of the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has created a devoted following among packrats and pristine organizers alike for sharing her KonMari method of shirking holding onto any item that doesn’t bring its owner happiness (and selling over eight million books in the process). If your kitchen counters, gadget-filled cabinets or your utensil drawers are in need of a good overhaul and you’ve been meaning to read her book (or comic book!) but can’t find it in all the clutter, there’s going to be an even easier way to get your Kondo fix. The organizing expert has just revealed she’s signed a deal with Netflix.

“Valentine’s Day surprise! I will be bringing the life-changing magic of tidying to a show on Netflix, where I’ll be guiding individuals to spark joy in their homes and lives,” Kondo announced via Twitter. “I am thrilled to share the KonMari Method with more people-I’ll keep you updated on more details to come!”

There's no word on exactly what the series will look like, but we do know that the first season will consist of eight episodes, and Netflix says the show will feature Kondo working with people who "are at a crossroads to spark joy in their homes, transforming their lives in emotional and surprising ways," according to the Hollywood Reporter. Hey, if the internet and reality TV have taught us anything it's that there's a market for both the oddly satisfying act of watching things be cleaned up and shows about helping people get their sh*t together.

Beyond the reach of her books and Netflix's 117 million subscribers, KonMari Media has also certified 85 consultants to help other achieve organized bliss as well as hosting seminars around the U.S. and Europe.