The elusive chanteuse is now queen of the memes and the mic. 

Mariah Carey tea-shirt
Credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

It was the moment that became the first meme of 2018: Mariah Carey stepped on stage in Times Square for her New Year’s performance, draped in a white fur coat and a gown encrusted with glittering jewels in the single digit frigid winter air—and requested a cup of hot tea.

“They told me there would be tea. It’s a disaster,” she tells the audience, just a hint of good-natured self-depreciation in her voice. “We’re going to have to rough it. I’m going to be like everybody else with no hot tea.”

But this story has a happy ending: Later that evening Carey tweeted a picture of herself (a diamond the size of a planet sparkling on her hand) with the coy caption, “Found my tea!” Thank goodness. The diva got the soothing beverage she needed to relax after a powerhouse performance in weather than frankly no one should have to go outside in, and the internet got the content they so desperately crave.

In honor of the popularity of the tea stunt—which may have been a reference to the slang term for gossip, or maybe Carey did sincerely just need a cup of tea to warm up before she began singing—she’s released a new line of so-called tea-shirts. The graphics commemorate the legendary moment when the songstress finally got her tea, and feature her signature catchphrases like “I was told there would be tea,” and “#Foundmytea.” Appropriately, the merchandise line also includes a mug emblazoned with Carey’s face.

Carey—Renaissance women that she is—might have just invented the only appropriate way to drink tea in 2018. If you’re a diva-in-training yourself, or just really appreciate the importance of a hot drink on a cold night, you need one these shirts. The entire collection is still available on her online store right now.