Looks like this month isn't all that bad after all. 

craft beer at the bar in the great lost bear
Credit: Portland Press Herald / Getty Images

If you think of March as that epically long month where spring still feels so far away, you're not alone. But—and this should come as no surprise—the month of March is actually really good for one thing: beer sales.

Thanks to March Madness, which kicks off today and runs through April 2, and St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated on March 17, March has the honor of being the 31-day-period with the highest beer sales all year long.

Data analysis from restaurant management platform Upserve shows that March has historically been blessed with the highest beer sales of the entire year. (That’s based on transactions in the U.S. alone.) What’s more, beer sales peak on March 15, which is smack-dab in the middle of March Madness and St. Patrick Day celebrations.

Sales of beer on St. Patrick’s Day are even higher than on New Year’s and Valentine’s days, the data shows. And with this year’s holiday falling on a Saturday, Upserve only expects that trend to continue. As for March Madness contributing to the beer-sale boost, Upserve says the tournament is also driving customers to their local bar: In the Northeast region of the country alone, restaurants and bars that carry beer saw the highest beer sales of the year between March 14 and March 20—and those sales averaged 10 percent more than the entire rest of 2017.

The analysis makes a lot of sense: There’s nothing that makes watching a basketball tournament more fun than adding a beer—and perhaps a bowl of guacamole—into the mix. And we all know what green beverage we’re apt to chug on St. Patrick’s Day.

According to Restaurant Insider, businesses and restaurants are poised to cash in on March’s beer fervor. Even bars and restaurants that are far from college basketball programs will take advantage of the spike in sales by offering specials on draft and bottled beers. Last year, Buffalo Wild Wings enticed beer lovers to watch the game in its restaurants with a March Madness ad campaign, the site says.

If you plan to help March stay on top of beer sales by buying a bottle—or 10—then consider ordering one from our list of the 25 most important craft beers ever made. Or, watch the games from the best craft beer bar in your state. And for St. Patrick’s Day, may we recommend you set aside a green drink in favor of a tasty Irish stour?