For those who love maple syrup like their own child.
Credit: Manjurul Haque / EyeEm/Getty Images

Calling all hardcore pancake, waffle, French toast, and general maple syrup fans. Thanks to Kettle Ridge Farm, you can now adopt your very own maple tree. Unlike adopting a human, adopting a maple tree requires no feeding, clothing or waking up in the middle of the night. You just get to name a tree, recieve a photo and the GPS coordinates of said tree, and, if you so choose, you can learn to tap it for maple syrup.

To adopt your tree, you can visit the Adopt 100 Maple Trees Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of $65 will get you your adopted tree (photo, coordinates, certificate, and all), as well as two 375 mL glass flasks of different kinds of fresh maple syrup, an 8 oz. bag of maple granola, and a 4 oz. bag of maple candy, all to be delivered this coming April.

It would make a great birthday gift. Or, if you're in a very particular kind of relationship (we're looking at you brunchophiles, environmental scientists, and folks with long hair who play acoustic guitar), it could even make for a great Valentine's Day present. Naming a maple tree after someone is a lot more personal than a box of chocolates and some roses, after all.

You can learn more about the Adopt-a-Maple 2018 program at Kettle Ridge Farm's site. The basic, $65 package includes the info about your tree and the maple products, but, if you're willing to spring the extra $35 for "Adopt-a-Maple PLUS," you'll also get to learn how to tap your tree if you visit Kettle Ridge Farm any Sunday before March 4th, as well as getting two tickets to a pancake breakfast, a maple tasting session in Kettle Ridge Farm's tasting room, and two tickets to Kettlefest, their celebration of local farmers and artisans in September. So the plus option is really only for locals or people who love maple syrup so much that they're willing to make a pilgrimage for it. But if you're adopting a maple tree, you probably fall into that camp.