We tried Starbucks' latest sweet and nutty autumn beverage and got a sneak peek at the new, colorful fall cups.

Starbucks has certainly cornered the market on pumpkin spice. After all, it's not really autumn until a PSL is in your hands (which, thankfully means autumn practically begins in August). But if gourds and cinnamon just aren't your thing, the coffee chain has a new latte flavor just in time for the first day of fall. Taking a note from the changing foliage and nutty desserts of the season, the Maple Pecan Latte (or MPL) will hit stores this week.

starbucks new fall cups unmarked
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

The latte is made from maple pecan syrup, espresso, and milk, and is topped off with a sprinkling of fall-inspired orange and golden brown sugar crystals. (No, there's no whipped cream unless you request it.) We got an early taste of the new beverage yesterday, and it's surprisingly un-sweet. That is to say, the maple doesn't rely heavily on its syrup association. Instead, the MPL has a warm, nutty flavor with that comforting, mouth-coating richness of maple syrup lingering after every sip.

As for the cups, Starbucks is taking a tip from its Pantone-inspired spring cups which went minimalist with solid yellow, green, and blue block coloring with a simple white circle. The fall cups come in orange, magenta, and blue and feature the same circle, which customers and baristas alike are encouraged to doodle on and around for a bit of personalization.

new starbucks cups
Credit: Arielle Cifuentes

Starbucks went another nutty route when it introduced a Chestnut Praline Latte back in 2014 (which has returned seasonally since), a wintery addition to the menu that gave fans an option other than peppermint. The chain also previously had other maple-inspired drinks going back nearly a decade, including a Golden Maple Latte. According to a representative from Starbucks, the Maple Pecan Latte tested well in a few markets before the brand decided to take a leap and officially add it to the fall menu, meaning some lucky folks might have even tried this one already.

You can order the Maple Pecan Latte at Starbucks locations nationwide on Friday, September 22.