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Think about it: Many of the people who first loved Harry Potter as children are now of legal drinking age (or well above it).

And they probably still love Harry Potter.

That's why the latest Potter-themed attraction makes perfect sense. No, it's not an amusement park or a roller coaster. It's a wizarding pub and inn called The Cauldron, and if the excitement building around its Kickstarter fundraising page continues to grow, it'll be set to open in London sometime in the next few years.

"The Cauldron is a wizarding pub where we use technology to simulate the magic you've been reading about in fantasy books," reads the as-yet-unopened pub's website, which will feature magical tech from Harry Potter and beyond. Its Kickstarter will officially launch on June 26. "A generation of people have grown up reading about magic, and now we have the chance to bring some small part of that into the world. We are creating a physical location that straddles the line between the magical and non-magical worlds...a place where adult fans can visit, have a pint, and geek out."

Sounds magical. That's due in part to the level of enthusiasm displayed by founder and proprietor of The Cauldron, Matthew Cortland, a designer and former reading teacher.

"I’m a member of a generation of people who have grown up surrounded with the idea of the Wizarding Universe," he told Food & Wine. "We are now in our 20s and 30s, and in a position to take what was once an idea on a page and bring it into the real world. And it's exciting."

He's quick to point out that while The Cauldron will encourage imagination, it'll be far from childish. "I think there’s a fine line to walk there, but we can do it."

They'll be helped in part by an extensive drink list, including both cocktails and beer. Most of the bar's recipes will be dreamed up by a community of fans, who can contribute to an editable Wiki page.

"Our cocktails are going to be fun," Cortland said. "They will be science-based and react to different stimuli."

Others will rely on tongue-in-cheek references to the Harry Potter books. The "Veritas" cocktail, for instance, is described as "completely colorless and odourless; may cause you to spill your innermost secrets," and bar snacks will be sourced from dishes described in fantasy books.

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Credit: Courtesy of The Cauldron Wizarding Pub & Inn

Fans will also be able to contribute "magical" tech ideas for the bar, which will be tested out in a so-called Wizarding Hackathon—exclusive, ticketed events where fans get together to brainstorm. All ideas—from wands to floating candles—will be entertained. "Instead of pulling down a handle, we can touch the top of the beer tap with a wand to start and stop the flow of beer," Cortland explained. "There's also some cool tech out there already to refill pints from the bottom of the glass."

For Cortland, who grew up reading the Harry Potter books, the project was a labor of love. "I couldn’t think of a more fun way to focus my time and creativity. It keeps me up late at night and has me awake early the morning," he said. "I love the idea of taking ordinary objects apart, bewitching them to behave in a certain way, and putting them back together."

You can learn more here and receive updates about the Kickstarter launch here.