Booze cruise, indeed.

By Morgan Goldberg
Updated May 24, 2017
Credit: © Troy Plota / Getty Images / Uppercut

As anyone who's ever taken a few too many shots can tell you the next morning, vodka often causes more harm than good. But this week, vodka saved the day. Joseph Lehr and two friends salvaged their sinking 30-foot boat on Monday by plugging a hole with a vodka cork.

While sailing just off Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York, Lehr and friends lost a drain plug about 200 meters from shore. The boat, named “Knotta Yachta,” quickly began to fill with water as the men desperately and unsuccessfully tried to plug the hole with items like a shaft of metal and socks.

With help from NYC's Fire Department and police, the sailors made it to shore. But the boat was still sinking. That's when partiers on the dock came to the rescue by throwing an Absolut vodka bottle cork to Lehr, who dove in to plug the hole. With three feet of water onboard, the boat was saved.

The moral of the story: When you go sailing, don't forget the liquor.