We're confused.

By Rebekah Lowin
Updated May 24, 2017
taco bell
Credit: © William Thomas Cain / Getty Images

We get it. Taco cravings can be intense. Soul-consuming, even.

But if you ever find yourself experiencing one so strong that it requires you to mount a horse and gallop as fast as you can toward your nearest taco dispensary, well, maybe...don't...do that. Because no taco is worth a horse's life. Not even the ones with the Dorito shells.

Someone should tell that to the owner of the horse that left Taco Bell in Riverside, California late Saturday. A utility vault beneath the sidewalk collapsed under the weight of the horse, and the giant animal was sent sprawling down a 5-foot-deep hole.

First things first: The horse is fine and recovering nicely. But there are so many things to wonder about here. In case you're specifically curious about whether the horse and its owner went through the drive-thru or walked right in the front door, well, Anne Millerbernd in The Press-Enterprise, Riverside County's local newspaper, is here to inform you that you'll have to continue to wonder.

"Fire officials knew the horse and owner were coming from a nearby Taco Bell—but couldn't say whether they'd gone through the drive-thru," she wrote.

"I don’t think it was designed or anyone would’ve expected—that a horse would be walking there, in that part of the city," Battalion Chief Jeff DeLaurie commented on the incident, according to the paper.

Luckily, the Riverside Police Department was able to put aside their shock and make their way to the scene of the, er, incident, and save the day. Along with some firefighters, Riverside's Heavy Animal Rescue Team used ropes to get the horse back out of the hole. A veterinarian said it had only suffered minor cuts on its legs.

But get this: This isn't the first time a man has chosen to ride a horse to a Taco Bell. It's the third time. Just last year, Lathan Crump of Texas rode his horse from a rodeo into the main dining space of a Taco Bell (he then rode away without getting into any serious trouble). And don't forget Rick Braun, who, earlier in 2016, sauntered through a Taco Bell drive-thru on his own horse. Poor Braun got in trouble with the police for his misadventures and had to pay a fine.