Credit: © iStockphoto

In a tale that proves that it really is the thought that counts, a man in Canada recently made headlines by giving his wife KFC for their 15th wedding anniversary. But before you think you can impress your spouse with a box of popcorn chicken, keep in mind this was not your average drive thru run.

Mike and Angela Hovak Johnston know a little something about traveling long distances for Kentucky Fried Chicken. When the Canadian couple married in 2001, Mike insisted they serve chicken from the fast food chain at their wedding reception. It might sound like an uninspired choice except that the reception was held in the tiny town of Kugluktuk in Canada’s sparsely populated Nunavut territory. To make his dream a reality, the couple had to have frozen KFC chicken shipped over 350 miles from the comparatively bustling metropolis of Yellowknife in the neighboring Northwest Territories (population ~19,000). “Everybody that was invited to the wedding was more excited about the KFC than our wedding,” Angela told CBC News.

The couple eventually moved to Yellowknife and getting KFC on their wedding anniversary became an annual tradition. That is, until the local KFC went out of business last year. That left the nearest branch of the chicken chain in High Level, Alberta, nearly 450 miles and an eight-hour drive away.

But that didn’t deter Mike, a man who sounds like both a dedicated husband and, possible, obsessive compulsive. “During March break, me and my son got up early one morning, drove 700 kilometers, picked up 15 buckets of KFC and drove 700 kilometers back — in one day,” he explained.

After accounting for the gas needed on his nearly 900 mile roundtrip, Mike estimated the order ended up costing him about $600 Canadian. But he told CBC that it was worth “every penny.” “We have to keep traditions alive,” he said. “Fifteen years. Why stop now?”

Okay, but $600? You sure your wife wouldn’t prefer a diamond necklace or something instead, Mike? Still, it’s a heartwarming tale – which is important because it sounds really, really cold wherever it is that these guys live.