By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 29, 2014
Courtesy of Olive Garden

Talk about carbo-loading. A North Dakota man has decided to use his Olive Garden Pasta Pass to try all 180 possible pasta combinations available at the casual dining chain, vowing to eat nothing but Olive Garden for the duration of the pass’s seven-week lifespan.

And he’s going to document it all on All of Garden, his blog dedicated to “One man’s quest to eat all the pasta.” That one man, who goes simply by Vino, promises to provide not only a daily roundup of his Olive Garden experience, but also to review each and every pasta combination. In addition to the review, Vino is giving each combination it’s own totally un-Olive Garden name along the way. Consider the “Hall and Oates”—Chicken Fritta on top of spaghetti with a roasted-mushroom Alfredo—so named because spaghetti and Alfredo are perfect compliments that would be “laughingstocks if they ever [attempted] to go solo.”

The site even includes a convenient All the Pasta matrix, a grid showing each pasta type and sauce type, along with all the possible protein options. It’s like a bingo card for weight gain.

Pondering all the possibilities on the grid made my head spin, so I reached out to see if Vino is approaching his experiment with any scientific forethought. He says, “To start with, and to get a solid grounding in the oeuvre of the Olive Garden, I’m trying each pasta with each sauce. After I finish that, I’ll try the different iterations of toppings.” Maybe I was underestimating this chap.

Another inevitable inquiry: The Pasta Pass is good for 49 days. Did he plan on eating both lunch and dinner at the same spot for nearly two months? Though Vino admitted in his first seven days he hasn’t traveled beyond the Fargo location, “I definitely plan to go ‘on tour’ as my schedule allows! Expect reviews from Grand Forks, Winnipeg and Minneapolis at the very least.”

You can keep up with the Tour de Garden and all the pasta a human being can possibly eat here.