By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 09, 2016
© Tim Boyle/Getty Images

According to a shocked customer, a McDonald’s in Virginia recently tried adding a new topping to his McDouble cheeseburgers: cold, hard cash.

Dave Cook claims he went to a McDonald’s in Chesterfield County on Tuesday and ordered his McDouble as he always did: plain. “It seems like they always overload it with mustard and ketchup and all that,” he told WTVR. But this time, he says he found something extra hiding between the two patties: a $20 bill. “I bit into my burger and I pulled a $20 bill out,” he said. “I was in disbelief; I was like ‘is this for real?’”

Indeed, the folded up twenty was legal tender. Cook said he had no idea how or why it ended up in his meal, and according to WTVR, neither does the McDonald’s. The restaurant location said they hadn’t heard about the incident until the news station contacted them and couldn’t imagine how a bill ended up in a burger and made the awful joke that most of their employees couldn’t afford to take such a financial hit. For now, it appears the McDonald’s corporate office has no comment on what happened as well.

Apparently not a shy man, Cook admitted he finished the burger. Hopefully he checked it for any loose change first. That could really screw up your teeth.