Can you guess what Nathan Yorkshire Tea Garner drinks in the morning?
story of tea in England
Credit: Julie Anne Images / Getty Images

How much do you love tea? Whatever the answer is, if you are not the man formerly known as Nathan Derek Garner, then it is less than he does. Which is why he is now known, officially and legally, as Nathan Yorkshire Tea Garner.

Just who is Nathan Yorkshire Tea Garner, aside from a man who has legally changed his middle name to the name of his favorite tea? Well, he's from Sheffield, England (which is in South Yorkshire), he's 31 years old, and, in a number that's perhaps less surprising to hear after you know some of the other biographical data offered above, drinks an average of 20 cups of Yorkshire Tea a day.

Also not too surprisingly, Garner's fondness for Yorkshire Tea was noted by his coworkers at the concrete factory where he works, and it was they who inspired the name. As he told the Daily Express: “I was at work one day and my mate Billy said, ‘chuffin’ hell, you drink so much of that stuff you should change your name to Yorkshire Tea’."

And this is where you'll learn that a propensity to drink 20 cups of Yorkshire Tea isn't the only thing thing that sets the former Nathan Derek Garner apart from most people. Because Nathan Yorkshire Tea Garner, who started drinking tea at age 12 when his grandfather introduced him to the drink for which he is now middle-named, heard what may have been some light teasing, and leaned so far into it he changed his legal name.

“I thought that was a great idea," he continued, "so at lunch I got out my phone and went onto the website and got rid of Derek. While he admits that, "Friends and family mainly think it’s a bit of a silly thing to do," he adds "my mum Cheryl thinks it’s great. She laughed out loud when I told her.” Though strangely enough, her preferred tea is PG Tips.