By Ratha Tep
Updated May 23, 2017

Considering I've morphed from being the pickiest child alive to someone who can't seem to stop eating, I've always been intrigued by the notion of picky eating. And ever since I worked on the upcoming story, "What's Your Food Personality: Picky or Adventurous?" for F&W's August issue, I've been even more attuned to the subject.

So when I first learned about the blog "Make Your Own Damn Dinner" via Lisa Belkin's recent New York Times's piece "The Pangs of Family Mealtime Guilt" I had to take a look. Turns out the blog, written by a 40-year-old Austin mom who calls herself Badger, is tons of wicked fun. A debriefing:

-Badger on Badger: "I'm not a professional chef nor even a particularly well-educated foodie, as will become readily apparent if you spend more than five seconds around here. I'm just a mom who cooks dinner for her family, sometimes from scratch, and sometimes by opening a can or box (or two or three)."

-Badger on the blog: "The blog actually started as an effort to record the results of an experiment I was conducting in our household (because if you can't experiment on your own family, why even HAVE one?)" (Experiment synopsis: Starting last summer, when Badger's kids were 8 and 10, she let them fend for themselves at dinner time—provided they included a protein and vegetable—if they refused to eat what she made.)

-Badger's "Manifesto on Picky Eaters": In short, "It's PERSONALITY, people." But the intelligently written, heartfelt manifesto is well worth reading in its entirety.