Considering I've morphed from being the pickiest child alive to someone who can't seem to stop eating, I've always been intrigued by the notion of picky eating. And ever since I worked on the upcoming story, "What's Your Food Personality: Picky or Adventurous?" for F&W's August issue, I've been even more attuned to the subject.

So when I first learned about the blog "Make Your Own Damn Dinner" via Lisa Belkin's recent New York Times's piece "The Pangs of Family Mealtime Guilt" I had to take a look. Turns out the blog, written by a 40-year-old Austin mom who calls herself Badger, is tons of wicked fun. A debriefing:

-Badger on Badger: "I'm not a professional chef nor even a particularly well-educated foodie, as will become readily apparent if you spend more than five seconds around here. I'm just a mom who cooks dinner for her family, sometimes from scratch, and sometimes by opening a can or box (or two or three)."

-Badger on the blog: "The blog actually started as an effort to record the results of an experiment I was conducting in our household (because if you can't experiment on your own family, why even HAVE one?)" (Experiment synopsis: Starting last summer, when Badger's kids were 8 and 10, she let them fend for themselves at dinner time—provided they included a protein and vegetable—if they refused to eat what she made.)

-Badger's "Manifesto on Picky Eaters": In short, "It's PERSONALITY, people." But the intelligently written, heartfelt manifesto is well worth reading in its entirety.