By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 14, 2015
© foodfolio / Alamy

When is a snack not a snack? According to new market research, for a majority of Americans the answer is “never.” Anything can be a snack. Why not help yourself to a chicken-fried steak while you give the rest of this article a read.

Market intelligence agency Mintel recently released their Snacking Motivations and Attitudes report for 2015. Their research found that 94 percent of Americans snack at least once a day. But it’s when you look at what Americans consider a snack that things get a little bit cloudy. According to Mintel, 70 percent of those surveyed agreed that “anything can be considered a snack these days.” Anything!

So if anything can be considered a snack, at what point does a snack become a meal? Or a meal become a snack? As if it isn’t confusing enough already, Mintel also found that half of American adults snack two to three times a day. It’s a never-ending parade of food into our mouths.

Possibly even more amazing is the rapid increase in people’s willingness to admit that they are snackers. Just last year, only 64 percent of Americans said they often snack between meals. At this rate of increase, the next big Kickstarter might be a snack bowl people can hang around their necks. Fill it with literally anything and snack infinite times a day. Don’t blame me for the invention; I’m just extrapolating the data.

[h/t Munchies]