By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 01, 2015
© Mail a Spud

When last we checked in on the booming “send-a-potato-through-the-mail” industry (which hit the mail scene surprisingly recently), it appeared as if Potato Parcel, a company that lets you anonymously send a potato through the mail for around $10, may have started to get a leg up on their competition, Mail a Spud—a company that also lets you anonymously send a potato through the mail for around $10. Potato Parcel had just gotten a big write-up in MarketWatch (because what else did MarketWatch have to cover that day?) and was riding quite a high.

Well, score one for the other guys. Mail a Spud has just teamed up with entertainment giant 20th Century Fox for a special promotion surrounding the film The Martian. Yes, you read that right: Mail a Spud has gone Hollywood! No word yet on whether the partnership included an option for a six-picture deal, which we imagine would be like a Fast & Furious franchise of potato-mailing movies.

According to the Fox Movies website, you can “send your friend or yourself a potato courtesy of [Martian lead character] Mark Watney. Be one of the first 1000 people to follow the link to and use the discount code MARTIAN to send a potato for free.”

Since mailing people potatoes is apparently the most popular thing on the face of the planet right now, it looks like the 1,000 free potatoes have already been stamped and shipped. But don’t worry: You can still mail your friend or yourself a potato for about $10. We can all mail our friends or ourselves a potato for about $10!

Even if you have to stoop to using Potato Parcel.

[h/t CollectSpace]