By FWx Editors
Updated January 25, 2017

Very few pastry shops have the following of Magnolia Bakery. Magnolia is loved worldwide for it’s perfectly swirled cupcakes, addictive banana pudding and beautiful pastel frostings. But did you know that swirl atop your cupcake is actually trademarked? Not only is the swirl adorable but it takes over 40 hours to perfect.

First you have to smooth the buttercream surface. Then you drag the spatula slowly through the buttercream to create a teardrop shaped dollop. When transferring the buttercream from the spatula to the cupcake you must make sure you’re constantly rotating the cupcake. Smooth the top of the frosting down and then go in for the perfect swirl. Add in a few homemade pastel sprinkles to finish your baked good off. Got that? Good. Just don’t try it at home lest you run afoul of copyright laws. Just watch the video and order a bunch of cupcakes from the bakery and skip the whole in between process.