The location data company Factual kept an eye on where fans ate during the NFL season.
past and eagles fans
Credit: Icon Sportswire / Abbie Parr / Getty Images

Part of what makes this year’s Super Bowl matchup so interesting is that in a lot of ways Boston and Philadelphia are very similar cities—somewhat traditionally blue-collar, slightly gruff Northeastern metropolises—but the recent fates of their respective NFL franchises are vastly different: The Eagles are looking for their first Vince Lombardi Trophy while the Patriots are hoping for their sixth. Another major difference is each city’s eating habits—and not just cheesesteaks versus chowder. A new report from the location data company Factual found some significant differences in the restaurant chain each team’s fans tended to visit.

Using Factual’s Observation Graph—which uses data from over 80 million U.S. devices to determine users behavior and defined a “fan” as a local resident whose device was observed to be at a team’s home game this season—the company looked at a few of the major differences between Patriots fans and Eagles fans when it came to where they ate throughout the year. The data shows that the top three restaurant chains you’re more likely to see a Patriots fan than an Eagles fan at were Maggiano’s, Pei Wei Asian Diner and The Capital Grille, whereas Eagles were most likely to gravitate towards Dave & Buster’s, Romano’s Macaroni Grill and Jamba Juice over Pats fans.

Additionally, Factual looked at the likelihood of each teams fans going to a number of specific chains, and the results are interesting, if not particularly telling. For instance, Pats fans are 4.4 times more likely than Eagles fans to visit Five Guys, despite the fact that the New England area only has 15 more locations (75) than the state of Pennsylvania (60). Factual suggests that this might be because there’s a Five Guys location walking distance from Gillette Stadium. Meanwhile, Philly’s fan base is apparently 4.6 times more likely to visit a Church’s Chicken and 3.4 times more likely to visit Popeye’s. Quaker Steak & Lube, which was founded in Pennsylvania, is another Eagles fan favorite with 3.6 times more traffic from Philly fans than from New England fans. For the other side, Johnny Rockets and Burger King are both favored by Patriots fans, getting twice as many visits and 1.4 times as many visits from the Brady bunch respectively.

Overall, it’s hard to say whether these findings mean anything. Some of it might just have to do with local availability. But if there’s one major takeaway, it’s that no matter who wins the Super Bowl, Factual probably knows where you watched it!