By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 18, 2016
Credit: © Halfdark/Getty Images

If you saw it on the big screen, you’d consider it one of the most clichéd and possibly even racist scenes you’d ever seen: an Italian mafia boss brought down by undercover agents dressed as pizza delivery guys bringing him his order. Except in the arrest of Roberto Manganiello, that’s exactly how it went down. Mamma mia!

Manganiello had been on the run since 2013, billed as “one of Italy’s 100 most dangerous criminals” stemming from an alleged double homicide in 2004 that unleashed a gang war in Naples. But over the weekend, the 35-year-old criminal was finally caught doing something most of us have done before: ordering pizza while watching sports.

During Saturday’s soccer match between Napoli and Inter Milan, undercover detectives disguised as pizza delivery boys snagged Manganiello as he tried to get some mid-match delivery sent to his apartment in Orta di Atella. Since the whole thing is so stereotypical to begin with, I’d like to imagine that Manganiello was looking at the order and he was like, “You forgot my espresso!” and then one of the agents was like, “No, I got your espresso right here!” and then everyone pulled out machine guns and opened fire. Let’s just assume that’s how it all went down.

As AFP pointed out, to make matters worse for Manganiello, his home team of Napoli was defeated 2 – 0 by Milan. Sadly, there is no word on who ate the pizzas.