Credit: Cornetto

There are very few drawbacks to ice cream. Ice cream headaches maybe. But we think they’re worth it. One thing no one will have to worry about anymore is finding their ice cream in the dark.

OK, maybe that wasn’t a food problem that was begging to be solved, but the crazy culinary minds at Bompas and Parr solved it anyway. We recently saw the world leaders in “flavor–based design experience” grilling steak with actual lava , but for a UK film premiere they treated moviegoers to an ice cream designed to avoid spillage because of its luminescent glow.

The fluorescent ice cream was a collaboration between Bompas and Parr and movie–snack makers Cornetto, who said they wanted to something that could be seen by the eater without disturbing anyone else in the theater.

The secret to the bright ice cream? Riboflavin. The vitamin glows yellow under UV light, which was used in the theater to light up all the treats. The glow-in-the-dark ice cream was such a hit that the inventors expanded their experiment, making sweet sauces with the same enzyme used by jellyfish and fireflies to glow in the dark.

Oh, but the answer to the most important question of all: It was mint chocolate chip ice cream.