Take the stress out of decorating with this Mad Genius Tip.

If you've ever set out to make cupcakes but gotten easily overwhelmed when confronted with the prospect of decorating, you're not alone. With all the gorgeous frosting out there in the world, the thought of crafting perfect swirls of buttercream or anything remotely worthy of Instagram can be enough to persuade you to call the whole thing off. And chances are, you probably don’t have hours and hours to slave over a pastry bag. Luckily for you, the latest Mad Genius Tip will show you how to frost cupcakes with your own artistic style, in no time.

All you need is a Ziploc bag and a toothpick.

Once you've made your buttercream frosting (here’s our favorite recipe), skip the pastry bag altogether and scoop the frosting, using a spatula, into a sandwich bag. Squeeze the frosting into one corner of the bag, and, using a toothpick, poke five or six tiny holes into the corner of the bag.

Hover over the cupcake with the bag, and “squeeze out the strings of frosting.” The best way to do that is to use steady pressure while moving your hand in a circular motion over the cupcake. Out will come something that looks like silly string, and with that, you've got your failsafe, super fast method for decorating cupcakes.

The playful design on these cupcakes might not be perfect, or even the type of professional-looking dessert you might find on Pinterest, but it'll save you time and energy. Plus, the design works great for Halloween (admit it, you do think that far ahead) or kid’s birthday party.

You might not have a perfectly molded rose on your hands, but they'll taste great just the same. So the next time you’re making cupcakes, relax—you have our permission to skip trying to make your frosting look perfect, and just have fun with it instead.