Courtesy of Meghan Rosko

These expert pastry bakers will add a dash of color and character to your feed.

Clara Olshansky
August 10, 2017

At some point in the recent past, macarons, those totally gorgeous French pastries, went from being kind of obscure to being pretty much everywhere. Even today you still have put the right emphasis into your pronunciation so that people know the difference between a macaron and a macaroon. And yeah, their delicious-ness played a huge part in their recent rise in popularity, but come on—at least half of it is just how beautiful they are. If you want your Instagram feed to be injected with a little bit of macaron-ful delight every day, here are the accounts of some pastry artisans you might want to follow.

Sweets Spot by Meli

From pop culture characters to animals to basically anything adorable, Sweets Spot by Meli's macarons will definitely make you go "aww."


Sometimes the littlest things can be the prettiest 💕

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New York-based baker Macarune can also make a cute character macaron, but that's not all. Scroll through for all kinds of macaron delight, including musical notation macarons and macaron hamburgers.

Honey & Butter

Irvine, California's Honey & Butter Macarons has mastered the macaron anime character, but we especially like their decked-out and overstuffed macarons like this one.

Arelio Sweetbox

Arelio Sweetbox, a custom macaron shop in Sydney, Australia has made everything from Spiderman to unicorns to scotch-infused gold macarons.

Melly Eats World (M.E.W.)

M.E.W. has an especially light touch when it comes to making macaron characters, in a totally charming way.

Mon Chéri Macarons

Mon Chéri Macarons in Houston, Texas takes the delight of macarons' pastel colors to the next level, filling its Instagram account with all kinds of macaron rainbows.


Another Houston-based Macaron shop, Macarooz combines gorgeous macarons with great design on its Instagram.

Nutmeg and Honeybee 

All time favorite🚲

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Meg of Nutmeg and Honeybee pretty much does it all, from galactic designs to cute macaron illustrations to stacked and decked out mac-strosities.

Mad Over Mac 

Shiba Inu 🐶 Send in your orders to Whatsapp 91077142 now! July and August's availability up on Madovermac's bio ✨

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Singapore's Mad Over Mac approaches its adorable macarons with a delightful sense of humor, as you can see in these Shiba Inu creations.

Le Sucre Du Patisserie 

Indonesia's Le Sucre Du Patisserie sells themed macaron boxes and sets that will make you wish Jakarta weren't so far away.

The Sweets Basket 

Bridal shower macarons. #thesweetsbasket #macarons #frenchmacarons #macaronstagram #instafood #homemade #sacramento #elkgrove

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The Instagram of California's The Sweets Basket is a delight of pastel colors, creative arrangements, and, occasionally, cute characters.

Indulge with Mimi 

Mimi of Indulge with Mimi takes the macaron beyond the circle with her colorful, fun creations.

Macarons by Monika 

Shades of pink and white mini macaron tower we sent off recently! 💕

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Warning: pinkness overload ahead. Brisbane's Macarons by Monika makes all kinds of gorgeous macarons, and most of them are millennial pink.

Of course, if you want to fill your friends' feeds with your own beautiful macarons, try our recipe for yourself.