It's kind of a bargain, though. 
Credit: McTear's Auction House

For whisky collectors, The Macallan has apparently become the most coveted name on the market. The Speyside Scotch brand has been smashing records left and right, including a new benchmark this past May for the most expensive whisky ever sold: a single 750-milliliter bottle of The Macallan Valerio Adami 1926 60-Year-Old that was auctioned off in Hong Kong for $1.1 million — or about $65,000 per shot. Yes, those numbers are out of pretty much everyone’s league, but if you’re interested in investing in some rare Macallan scotch with a lower bar of entry, here’s some good news: a miniature of The Macallan 1937 is set to go under the hammer in Scotland this Friday. The anticipated price: a mere $1,000 to $1,300.

Paying over a grand for 50 milliliters of liquid may sound a bit ridiculous, but if you’re actually interested in buying this Scotch for tasting purposes, it practically feels like a bargain. Multiplied out to full-bottle size, this The Macallan 1937 Fine & Rare — which was first bottled as a 32-year-old back in 1969 before being rebottled in its current packaging – would be worth just under $20,000. Compare that to The Macallan’s recent 72-Year-Old release which was distilled back in the late 1940s: Those bottles are set to hit retail at $65,000 each. The difference is that, a lot of the time, part of the pricing is the bottle itself. For instance, the 72-Year-Old comes in a Lalique crystal decanter — a package a bit more impressive than what you buy when you want to sneak whisky into a concert.

Still, McTears, the Glasgow auction house behind this sale, is expecting big things from this small bottle. “The Macallan 1937 Fine & Rare…has never come to auction before so we believe it will attract a lot of interest,” McTear’s whisky expert, Graeme Maxwell, explained to The Drinks Business. “The Fine & Rare series consists of bottles and miniatures of some of the oldest and rarest Macallan whiskies, with vintages ranging from 1926 up to 1991...The miniature is one of the earliest available and proves that good things come in small packages.”

Keep in mind, however, the $1,000 to $1,300 price range is just an estimate, and many Macallan bottles have been going for a lot more than anticipated as of late. This auction could potentially become as heated as if this was the last mini-bottle on a Friday night flight to Las Vegas.