Credit: © YouTube/HellthyJunkFood

We'd like to establish a no judgment zone before discussing YouTuber Hellthy Junk Food's mac 'n Cheetos pizza. The cheesy creation, which has captured the attention of over 133,000 viewers, is not necessarily a culinary masterpiece, but it looks pretty damn delicious. And apparently, it's also very easy to make. Consider us sold.

Step one: Make a couple boxes of Kraft Velveeta Shells and cheese.

Step two: Roll out your favorite store-bought pizza dough and brush the edges with a beaten egg.

Step three: Excessively dust the edges with crushed Cheetos. (Try Flamin' Hot Cheetos if you're looking for an extra kick.)

Step four: Add pulled pork and top it with the cooked mac 'n cheese.

Step five: Add more cheese. (Duh.)

Step six: Bake at 475° F for ten minutes.

Step seven: Braces yourselves for one of the most intense food comas you'll probably ever experience.

The dish, which clocks in at a whopping 700 calories per slice, is not for the faint of heart, but we're already craving this for our post-boozy brunch meal on Sunday.

Good on you, Hellthy Junk Food team. Good on you.