Yes, There's a Guinness World Record for Stacking M&M's and This Man Shattered It

A stack of four M&M's isn't cool. You know what's cool? A stack of five M&M's.

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When you think about Guinness World Records, you probably think about some of the extreme ones, the kind that involve pushing the capacity of the human body to its limits, whether that means growing 28-foot long fingernails, giving birth to 22-plus pounds' worth of triplets, or climbing Mount Everest 24 times.

But not every record that comes with a superlative like biggest or longest or tallest has to be... well, all that big. Take Will Cutbill's recent Guinness Record-breaking achievement for example: earlier this year, the Solihull, England man set a new record for the tallest stack of M&M's by carefully placing five of the candies on top of each other.

That's right, five stacked M&M's were enough to break the previous record of four stacked M&M's. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, he was prompted to attempt it because he didn't have anything else to do during England's third pandemic-related lockdown. "I was in the living room, eating a bag of M&M's and I was incredibly bored and I just decided to see how many of them I could stack on top of each other," he admitted to BirminghamLive. "I started thinking, I wonder if there's a world record for this, so I looked it up online and found out the most anyone had ever stacked was four."

Cutbill, who is a civil engineer, said that he stacked M&M's for several hours before he even came close to getting five of them. "They're not as flat as you think, quite spherical so it's a bit like balancing footballs or soccer balls," he told CNN. "I was pretty ecstatic when I got the fifth. I can't lie. I was running around the room, arms in the air."

The previous record-holders were Brendan Kelbi from Australia and Silvio Sabba from Italy. Although we'd be frantically assembling tiny towers of M&M's on every flat surface right now, desperately trying to regain our record, Sabba may not be bothered by losing this one. The personal trainer has set more than 200 Guinness World Records, for everything from "Fastest Time to Build a 10 Toilet Roll Pyramid" to "Highest Standing Jump onto a Bed of Nails."

"For me, breaking records means working to become the very best in the world in whatever I do. Record breaking is not a hobby for me, but a job," he told Guinness in 2019. "I have trained for 2 to 3 hours a day from Monday to Friday over the past eight years! On the weekends I rest or organize my official attempts."

Cutbill, though, might be satisfied with just the one record. He's already hung his official certificate from Guinness in his home and has added "Guinness World Record holder" to his Instagram bio. "Ever since I was young, I've always wanted to read my name in the Guinness World Record book," he said. "I just never expected it to be for something as bizarre as this."

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