Run On Saison will be available in a limited run after the race.
Run on Saison
Credit: Ryan Habbyshaw

One of the best-known athletic apparel brands was inspired by one of America’s best known athletic events to create a product that you don’t have to do anything athletic enjoy: beer. However, you do have to do something athletic to get one. Lululemon Boston announced that the brand has teamed up with nearby Mystic Brewery to release a specially-labeled beer in celebration of this year’s Boston Marathon taking place on April 16—and it will only be served to marathon runners.

Run On Saison, a marathon-themed edition of Mystic’s Table Beer, is being released in a limited run (pun intended) of just 1,008 cans specifically to show Lululemon’s support for the Boston Marathon. Billed as a light, crispy, and clean 4.3 percent, Belgian-inspired brew featuring lemony citrus and pepper notes, this limited-edition labeling with only be available to marathon finishers and only at Lululemon’s Newbury Street store after the race. Granted, non-runners can find Mystic Table Beer on draft at other local establishments and in the brewery’s taproom, but it almost certainly has to taste better if you’ve just run over 26 miles to get one.

Speaking of which, the athletic wear brand hopes that its branded beer will help make for an extra celebratory finish to the race, while Mystic was happy to work with a company that shares similar ideals. “With Mystic’s mission being to create ‘Vivid, Mindful, Beer,’ we thought it’d be a perfect match with Lululemon's value in living a mindful, active life,” a Mystic spokesperson told us.

This canning is far from Lululemon’s first foray into the beer world. The company has been making it a habit of serving a limited-edition collaboration beer at SeaWheeze, its own annual half-marathon weekend in Vancouver, by teaming up with local breweries. Meanwhile, though not yet an official Lululemon-branded collaboration, the company works with New York’s Montauk Brewing to offer free beer in its East Hampton store. Basically, if you want an athletic brand that understands that you work out to burn off your beer calories, Lululemon seems to be on the right track.