Lobster rolls and “Luke, I am Your Lobster” jokes could cost you nothing on The Last Jedi’s release date.

Luke I am Your Lobster
Credit: Courtesy of Luke's Lobster

If you happen to have an appreciation for lobster and Luke Skywalker, then Luke’s Lobster—known for their lobster rolls, chowders, and Maine-style menu (and not for being owned by the chosen one)—is offering a pun-filled promotion that lets you enjoy the best of both Lukes’ worlds.

Among the 50 million inhabited systems of the Star Wars’ Empire, there are more than 100 different species of sea creatures, some of which are even eaten. Lucky for you, travel to the farthest edges of the galaxy isn’t necessary to enjoy your favorite seafood. To celebrate The Last Jedi’s highly anticipated release, Luke’s Lobster is offering Star Wars fans who share the name of the restaurant’s founder and the powerful Jedi the chance to enjoy the Earthly delicacy of lobster rolls.

On December 15 only, when you enter any Luke’s Lobster shack beginning at 11 a.m. with either the first or last name of Luke or Lucas, you’ll be eligible to receive a free lobster roll. Served Maine-style, Luke’s Lobster rolls feature a quarter pound of chilled lobster atop a buttered, griddled New England split-top bun, served with a swipe of mayo, a dash of lemon butter and a sprinkle of the chain's Secret Seasoning. To get yours, all you need to do is flash a valid I.D. proving your “Luke” status.

“We’re having fun celebrating the year's most anticipated movie and Luke’s fictional kin, Luke Skywalker,” a representative from Luke’s Lobster told Food & Wine. “Growing up, Luke used to get the phrase ‘Luke, I am your father’ constantly. So much so, it deterred him from seeing the films, but, his crew here loves it. Using Luke’s name gives us a way to have fun with something that is super cultural.”

“We saw a lot of happy Lukes, Lucases, first name, last name, male and female,” the representative said of the restaurant’s 2015 The Force Awakens lobster roll giveaway. “We're excited to be able to have some fun again this year with The Last Jedi.

Only the first twenty customers will get a free roll, so stop into any of the 26 Luke’s Lobster locations around the country to get yours while supplies last. You can follow the restaurant on Twitter at @lukeslobster for more info and the hashtag #LukeIAmYourLobster for live promotional updates on December 15.