Denim on denim on denim...
Credit: Courtesy of Luke's Lobster

There are a lot of weird food holidays out there, and we're no stranger to them. Whether it's National Oatmeal Cookie Day or National Drink Wine Day, we're down for any excuse to celebrate the foods we love. The thing is, many of these odd food holidays are, well, total bunk. They're not fake, per se—they're just not as legitimately commemorative as National Doughnut Day. But that doesn't stop the Internet from celebrating them with hashtags galore, sometimes twice in one year. As seafood shack chain Luke's Lobster points out, the real National Lobster Day is actually on September 25, but for some reason Friday, June 15 is also given that designation.

The shellfish slinging company takes umbrage with this secondary celebration, as America lobsters aren't at their peak this time of year. But Canadian lobsters are. So, Luke's Lobster has a creative solution to giving both National Lobster Days their due deference. On Friday, June 15 the company is rebranding the day as Canadian Lobster Day. To kick off the new holiday, customers who head into any of the 30 Luke's brick-and-mortar or truck locations nationwide (Luke's can be found in Maine, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania) will be treated to a free lobster roll. Of course, there's a (very Canadian) catch.

In order to score a free roll, they've got to wear a 'Canadian tuxedo' when they order, a term is lovingly given to any denim-on-denim outfit. For the record, a Luke's Lobster spokesperson clarified that for the purposes of this promotion a 'Canadian tuxedo' is defined as "a denim top and denim bottom of the same color (no chambray + white jeans allowed)!" Only the first 450 customers to show up in head-to-toe jeanswear nationwide will be eligible, so be sure to don your dungaree duds early if you want to catch this offer for yourself.