They know what the people want. 
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Credit: General Mills

The marshmallows are the real stars of Lucky Charms cereal (anyone who claims otherwise is for sure a cop), and General Mills knows it. That's why the food manufacturer is capitalizing on our love of candy for breakfast by bringing back its Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only promotion—only this time they're going big.

Back in 2015, General Mills ran a contest awarding 10 winners with cereal boxes full of Lucky Charms marshmallows (with no toasted oat pieces in sight). Then, in 2017, they upped the ante by giving away 10,000 boxes of the good stuff. And now, 15,000 limited-edition boxes of marshmallow-only Lucky Charms are up for grabs.

Here's how to get one: Look for specially-marked Lucky Charms promotion boxes at retailers nationwide from now through September 17 (or while supplies last), enter the code found on the inside panel at to find out if you've won, and wait for a box of marshmallow-only cereal to be shipped directly to your door. Or should we say marbit-only? A portmanteau of "marshmallow bits," it's the official name of those colorful candy pieces.

If it's been a while since you've had a bowl of Lucky Charms, and the cereal you picked up to enter the contest looks...different, you're not imagining things. Last February, General Mills retired the hourglass from Lucky Charms' marshmallow lineup—the brand's first time axing a shape in a decade—and replaced it with a unicorn, chosen via social media by way of emojis. Meaning, Lucky Charms’ full list of marshmallows now reads: hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, balloons, blue moons, rainbows, and unicorns.

If you're not one of the lucky 15,000 to score a limited-edition marshmallow box, you have options (other than buying, like, 20 boxes of regular Lucky Charms and sifting through them to DIY your own). While they're not an exact dupe (the shapes and colors vary from the real deal), you can order Lucky Charms-esque bags of "charms cereal marshmallows" on Amazon.