The pink crème cookies are already on store shelves in time for Valentine’s Day.
Credit: AnayaPhoto/Getty Images

Literally yesterday, I wrote that Oreo “has made it clear they don’t have any shortage of ideas.” Twenty-four hours later, I still fully believe that: You don’t release Carrot Cake Oreos the same month that you tease Buttered Popcorn Oreos if you’re stockpiling concepts for an upcoming shortage. However, as every band up to and including Greta Van Fleet can attest to, often the best source of new ideas is taking inspiration from old ideas… and Oreo’s newest iteration to hit shelves is a loving tribute to a classic Valentine’s Day candy.

In the lead up to Valentine’s, Oreo has released a limited-edition, pink crème-filled version of its cookie called “Love, Oreo” — and though they don’t feature quite as many fun sayings as the good ‘ol heart-shaped Sweethearts conversation hearts, each cookie does have a phrased baked into the side: either Let’s Twist, Dunk in Love, Dear Cupid Send Oreos, or XOXO Oreo. Not enough fun for you? Love, Oreo packages also come with another Valentine’s classic: stickers!

Of course, you can’t taste catchy sayings, so despite that interesting element, the question still remains as to what these Love, Oreos taste like. The package bills them as having a “sweet and tangy flavor crème artificially flavored” which is about as ambiguous as a flavor can get. Meanwhile, pink is one of those colors that doesn’t really tip its hat to any particular taste. One Instagram user suggested the flavor was “JUST LIKE Fruity Pebbles” whereas another opted for the longer description of “artificial cherry/berry and a hint of citrus” kind of like “cherry limeade.” Meanwhile, YouTuber TheEndorsement could barely put his finger on any comparable taste other than “almost like a muted down version of a SweeTart.”

In the end, it seems like we’ll have to chalk this flavor up to another one that you have to try yourself to best understand which, whether you love the mystery or hate it, is a good way to sell at least one bag of cookies to people who are easily intrigued.