The company's new lifestyle brand Clos19 celebrates the "art of hosting."
louis vuitton launch
Credit: Courtesy of Clos19

Think luxury, class, and wealth, and the iconic Louis Vuitton symbol might pop into your head. LVMH Moët Hennessy—the company that owns the fashion label—wants to expand its hold on the realm of indulgence and extravagance with a new lifestyle brand called Clos19.

Clos19—which is meant to celebrate “the art of hosting,” a slogan that conjures up images of impeccably dressed socialites who host dinner parties almost professionally—will have several aspects. The first is a luxury champagne, wine, and spirits shop, powered through Thirstie, where you’ll be able to purchase the finest alcoholic beverages for, presumably, your next party. Clos19 doesn’t stop at pricey drinks though.

The lifestyle brand will also offer so-called “travel experiences,” which include truly magical sounding experiences, like an excursion to Antarctica where you’ll get tastings on the ice, and dinner inside a luxury campsite; a week-long yachting trip in New Zealand; and a visit to the Scottish Highlands to tour the Glenmorangie distillery and try out falconry. Tours of wineries, vineyards, and distilleries are also available to customers hoping to learn more about how wine and spirits are made.

Staying true to their mission statement, Clos19 offers mixology classes and tastings as part of its Become the Host seminar, for all those people out there who are still party hosting amateurs. Journal19, Clos19’s blog, will offer more hosting tips and cocktail recipes, and answer basic, but foundational questions, like what type of bottle to serve at your party, through an expert lens. Specialists will even talk to you over the phone if you need the extra help. According to a statement from the company, it wants to become “ultimate source of hosting know-how.”

Right now, Clos19 is only available in California and New York (the company launched in the U.K. back in April) but more states will be added to the roster in the new year. It's the season of holiday dinner parties, so get planning.