Eat Gandalf-Themed Corn Dogs at This 'Lord of the Rings' Pop-Up Bar

And don't miss the "Lord of the Wings" and "Onion Ring to Rule Them All."

Lord of the Rings Pop-Up Bar
Photo: Replay Lincoln Park

After ending 2019 with a magical Harry Potter Christmas pop-up, Chicago’s Replay Lincoln Park bar is back with another franchise theme targeting a devout fanbase. Last weekend, the space transformed into a Lord of The Rings wonderland, known as “The One Pop-Up to Rule Them All,” and it has everything from meals named after Frodo to photo opps with a Ring Wraith and the Balrog (shown below).

Throughout the bar, guests will find all sorts of Middle-earth destinations they’ll recognize, including Minas Tirith (the fortified capital of the kingdom of Gondor), Rivendell, the Mines of Moria, The Shire, and Mordor, of course—watch out for the Eye of Sauron. There will be events, too, in the form of a “Hobbit Hoedown” and trivia. Gandalf the Grey will reportedly be on hand to “offer wisdom along each journey," which could really mean anything.

Lord of the Rings Pop-Up Bar
Replay Lincoln Park

To fuel your quest, Replay has once again partnered with Zizi’s Cafe, a local restaurant, to create a LOTR-inspired menu. Think Gandalf’s Corn Staff (aka, two corndogs), Pippin’s Popcorn, Beef Lembas, Frodo’s Dolma, Fried Po-Tay-Toes, and Lord of the Wings—plus, the Onion Ring to Rule Them All, if you’re not prone to the ring’s temptations.

Cocktail-wise, the pop-up will feature three different bar concepts—The Prancing Pony, Minas Tirith, and Mordor—which each have their own menus. There are 14 drinks total to choose from, including the “My Precious Shot” made with dark rum, orange liqueur, and Cajun seasoning, as well as the “The Fellowship,” which includes Sloe gin, fernet, ginger syrup, lemon juice, carrot juice. If you’re really feeling bold, try out the Narya – Ring of Fire, which is prepared with jalapeño-ginger gin, Campari, ginger syrup, and orange juice.

The pop-up will run over the next few weeks and has no end date yet, according to a representative; however, Replay Lincoln Park tends to have a busy theme schedule, so it wont last forever. Last year alone, the bar did a Parks and Recreation theme, an It takeover for Halloween, and a Fyre Fest pop-up.

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