By Noah Kaufman
Updated January 13, 2015
© Ben and Jerry's

OK, everyone, brace yourselves. Ben and Jerry’s may have just given the ice cream universe its version of a black hole, that is to say, something that is dark, incredibly dense and possibly physics defying. Those wonderful Vermont hippies unleashed their cookie cores on the world today and they pack quite a punch. The center of every pint is shot through with a piston of cookie butter for the cookie lover who doesn’t want to be bothered with chewing actual cookies.

Right now cookie cores come in three flavors: Boom Chocolatta (mocha and caramel ice cream with chocolate cookies, fudge flakes and chocolate cookie core), Peanut Buttah (peanut butter ice cream, peanut sugar bits, peanut butter cookies and peanut butter cookie core) and Speculoos Cookie (dark caramel and vanilla ice cream with Speculoos cookies and Speculoos cookie butter core). We think they really missed a marketing opportunity leaving out Ma-core-on, but hey, this is just their first try.

Distribution of these ice cream juggernauts starts in a few weeks, so until then you’ll just have to deal with eating your cookies the old fashioned way.