By Aly Walansky
Updated January 11, 2016
Credit: © Ethan Miller/Getty Images

What do you do when someone rips the crown right off of your head? You go find another.

Late last year, the world cringed when Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, was accidently crowned Miss Universe—and then stripped of the title a minute later, all thanks to host Steve Harvey not being able to read his cue cards. It is now beginning to look like her moment of public mortification may go on to have been one of crowning achievement.

Reports have surfaced that Gutierrez, who happens to share a manager with Sofia Vergara, is in talks with Burger King to shoot a commercial where she gets (and keeps) her crown. Her management is also in talks with Corona—appropriately, corona means crown in Spanish.

By not winning, Miss Colombia has now received more exposure than if she had actually won the pageant —and more exposure than Miss Philippines, the official winner and holder of the crown, has received.

“Do you know who the other Miss Universe contestants are? I know who Miss Colombia is and I know who won, but chances are you and I are in the same boat,” says Nicole Bandklayder, a digital marketing expert and founder of NB Talent Services. “If Miss Colombia had not been crowned and de-crowned, we wouldn't recognize her either,” she says.

"She has been interviewed, has been given endorsement opportunities and can segue this event into developing her brand, whether that means more endorsement opportunities, her own product line or perhaps philanthropic involvement on a large scale,” says Bandklayder.