Another Today Show appearance, but no surprise guests like Joan Rivers this time. Ah well. Can't always reach into the Twilight Zone on morning TV. In any case, if you're looking for great American wines that are under $15, you can check out my relatively lucid ramblings on Monday morning right here. I think the photo they've run makes me look a bit like I'm making a fierce political argument rather than praising a $12 Pinot, but what the hey. You take whatever glory you can get.

The full article that the TV spot was taken from is out in our April issue, with 67 good buys for under $15. You can check it out on our website, if you like. (We will also hire a skywriter to write the whole list in puffy white letters over the city of Montenegro in a couple of months, but really, who wants to wait?) I tasted something like 337 bargain wines for this, which left me in a somewhat shell-shocked state, but I seem to have recovered. I think. All I know is at this point I'm drinking Barolo for the rest of the month.