By FWx Editors
Updated July 31, 2015
Photography: Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj / Creative Director: Olga Bastian, Liquidminds

Food porn is generally limited to finished, plated meals, but for his project with design brand EVA Solo, Danish photographer Mikkel Jul Hvilshø found beauty in dishes well before they hit the stove. “My approach to work is always trying to create images of minimalism and serenity, combining it with a dynamic, elegant and luxurious feeling,” Hvilshø told us. And he captures all those elements in broken down versions of dishes we tend to think of as neither elegant nor luxurious like bouillabaisse, porridge and ratatouille.

Far from Hvilshø’s first culinary endeavor, his clean, minimalist style works particularly well with the new Nordic cuisine in his native Denmark. His work with the often messy smørrebrød gets us particularly hungry. But right now we enjoy marveling at the perfect symmetry of his deconstructed meals.