Credit: istockphoto

Marijuana is now available from vending machines, food trucks and at least one subscription service; it was only a matter of time before some restaurant developed a menu pairing pot with food. Some intriguing combinations come courtesy of Amsterdam Falafel Shop, a small chain based out of Washington, DC (one of the three places in America to legalize recreational marijuana at the beginning of this year).

Amsterdam Falafel has a very limited menu—only four items—but highlighted topping combinations to go with five different strains of pot. For someone taking a hit of Lemon Haze, for example, the menu suggests a sandwich with hummus, yogurt, garlic parsley, onions, Turkish salad and pickled cauliflower. Since the pot is supposed to taste citrusy and a little sweet, the toppings “enhance the high with bold, tart flavors and varied textures.”

Considering the slim 51 percent majority that favors legal pot in America, Amsterdam Falafel’s clear encouragement of toking up could upset potential customers, but co-owner Arianne Bennett isn’t concerned about that. She told the Washington Business Journal, “I don’t think my non-drinking customers are offended by my drinking customers, so I don’t think my non-pot-smoking customers will be offended by my pot-smoking customers.”

The franchise has a clear affinity for the newly legal substance—Bennett and her husband developed the recommendations based on their own trial and error at home. They also plan to celebrate 4/20 by selling all their sandwiches for $4.20. We’re already anticipating some very long lines.

If you want to know what pairs well with your OG Kush or your Afghani, you can look at the entire menu below.