Credit: iStockphoto

Though fancy restaurant menus can notoriously include some intimidating language, here’s a piece of advice you don’t often hear before dining out: Be sure to bone up on your Unicode beforehand.

All this summer, The Little Yellow Door restaurant in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood has created a menu that is written entirely in emoji. As if that’s not frustrating – sorry, I mean “amusing” – enough for you, diners are also encouraged to place their orders using the actual symbols via a message in WhatsApp.

“We like to embrace technology and we thought this could be a cool way to engage with our audience, get them to WhatsApp what they want to eat, and we bring it to them,” owner Kamran Dehdashti told the Evening Standard. “Emojis are now really part of everyday conversation.” Granted, a menu isn’t so much a “conversation” as it is a thing that tells you what you’re going to eat, but fair enough.

Dehdashti said some of the cryptogram-like emoji names are harder than others to figure out, before noting, “But that’s the whole point – it’s fun.” For those who hate fun, he also insisted, “Worst-case scenario, you can always ask the waiter.”

Apparently, trying out all sorts of different things is what The Little Yellow Door specializes in. It’s billed as a house party-themed venue that changes cuisine regularly based on which “flatmate” has recently “moved in.” The place currently has an American theme. Knowing how the Brits feel about Americans, maybe that explains why they thought this over-the-top emoji menu would fit the current vibe.

If the whole thing sounds appealing to you, be sure to get you reservation in for this Sunday ASAP. July 17 is World Emoji Day. I can only assume the place will be packed.