The pop-up of all pop-ups.

By Morgan Goldberg
Updated May 24, 2017
Spier's Salads
Credit: © Ben Spier

London has no shortage of odd pop-up restaurants, even disregarding the very popular naked one. We’ve seen everything from a double-decker bus pizzeria to a canned seafood-only eatery to a café at which customers pay in hugs. Now, London can add telephone booth salad bar to its eccentric pop-up list.

Spier’s Salads is a pop-up salad bar that appears two days per week in one of London’s iconic red telephone booths. Located in Bloomsbury Square, the converted-refrigerator booth offers five types of organic, seasonal and locally-sourced salads served by creator Ben Spier.

Since less than 48,000 of London’s recognizable telephone booths still stand, and are all but obsolete due to cell phones, Spier is able to rent his telephone-booth-turned-tiny-restaurant from Red Kiosk Company for just $29 per month. The company refurbishes such booths into (incredibly) small office spaces. Spier calls his use of the booth, “a perfect brownfield redevelopment,” according to Tech Insider.

You won't be surprised to learn that this is a pop-up with no interior seating. You'll want to get your salad to go.