By Noah Kaufman
Updated October 14, 2014
Justin Ramsden

It’s people! This burger is made out of people!

OK, it’s not people. But a macabre, TV–loving British chef is honoring The Walking Dead with a burger he says tastes like human flesh. And he’s done the research to back it up.

Jim Thomlinson cooks for London Mess—a catering-meets-food art venture that has done some beautiful and not at all terrifying events in the past. But today Thomlinson debuted his disturbing creation at Terminus Tavern, a London pop-up. As research, he studied tasting notes from famous cannibals like the early 20th-century New York Times journalist William Seabrook, who compared cooked human to “a good, fully developed veal.”

Thomlinson’s burger is mix of veal, pork, chicken livers and bone marrow. If it wasn’t billed as a people burger, we might be more tempted.

The stunt promotes the season premiere of The Walking Dead, scheduled to air in the US on Sunday, October 12 and in the UK the following Monday. Thomlinson plans to retire the burger after its publicity run, but has agreed to release his recipe to the world. For the cannibalistically curious, we’ll update this page as soon as the recipe becomes available.

UPDATE: Thomlinson released the recipe for his Walking Dead burgers for any cannibalistically curious people out there:

Walking Dead Human Flesh Burgers

Makes 6-8 burgers

  • 400g pork mince
  • 400g veal mince
  • 200g bone marrow (minced)
  • Salt and pepper to taste, the less seasoning you use the more it tastes like human flesh!!!

Mix together the pork, veal and bone marrow in a large bowl

Firmly grind together the meat until evenly mixed

Add salt and pepper to taste, fry a little of the meat in a pan to taste and adjust seasoning accordingly

Shape the burgers using a 90mm cutter - if you don't have one then shape by hand. You should use around 150g of the mixture per patty

Cook the burgers in a frying pan on a medium hot temperature, frequently turning the meat often until you reach your desired colour

Finish off in the oven at 180 for 6 minutes, or more if you like your human flesh well done