Plus, restaurants around the country with pet-friendly menus. 

Dog owners know the struggle: It’s Friday night and all your friends are going to the bar, but you can’t join. You have to stay home and play with the pup. And usually that is way better than hanging out at some crowded bar, but there are certainly some nights where it would be great to leave the house—and if at all possible, bring your dog with you. There are plenty of dog-friendly bars out there, but a bar in London called Smith & Whistle is taking its love of dogs to the next level, with a cocktail menu designed especially for dogs.

So what would cocktails for dogs consist of exactly? According to the Evening Standard, canine nutritionist David Jackson teamed up with the bar to create a menu that’s entirely safe for your beloved pet to slurp up.

Take the Bow Wow Bubbly: It combines so-called dog-friendly Prosecco with blueberries, while the Poochie Colada is a mixture of kale, broccoli, and coconut water—all healthy foods that your dog can enjoy while you sip something a little more alcoholic.

There’s even a beer for dogs: Regular beer is toxic to dogs because it contains hops, so the dog-friendly version is non-alcoholic and non-carbonated, usually made with a combination of broth and malt barley. At Smith & Whistle, the bartender simply adds mint to the mixture to give it a little extra flavor—you know, for the more discerning canine in your life.

If all you’re looking for is a pet-friendly bar where you can enjoy a couple drinks in the company of your best friend, then you might check out any one of the pooch-pleasing places across the U.S. with a happy hour that accommodates dogs—many of which offer treats like biscuits and vegetables for your pet.

Some restaurants even go beyond happy hour, offering pet-specific menus so that your dog doesn’t have to go hungry while you stuff your face. One such spot, Art and Soul, in Washington D.C., offers a “pooch patio menu.”

Want your dog or cat to be able to relax on the couch with a drink just like you? You could try the line of pet-friendly wines (which are non-alcoholic and don’t contain any grapes) by Apollo Peak. The version for cats is called Pinot Meow, and is infused with catnip, while the dog equivalent is called CharDOGNay, and includes peppermint flavoring, which is supposed to help calm your dog down.

No matter where you live, whether you’re a party animal or more of an indoor cat, you can get drunk with your pet by your side. Just remember, the dog can't drive you home at the end of the night.