Jessie Randall of cult-favorite label Loeffler Randall shares her latest inspiration and favorite hangouts.
Loeffler Randall
Credit: © Emma Jane Kepley

Jessie Randall of cult-favorite label Loeffler Randall shares her latest inspiration and favorite hangouts.​

Finding Inspiration in Capri
I first went to Capri 12 years ago for my honeymoon. I loved the traditional leather sandals made there. This was before I designed shoes; the craftsmanship had a big impact on me.

Reliving Her Childhood at the Table
My parents had stackable melamine plates. As an adult I discovered they are from the Heller series by this amazing designer Massimo Vignelli. The company recently reissued them, so I bought a set.

Color Commitment Phobia
I needed an enamel pan to make the filling for chicken potpie. So at the store, I grabbed the first one I could find—a bright yellow Le Creuset. Every time I used it I would cringe at the color. I finally broke down and bought a white one.

Favorite Restaurant Hangouts
My husband calls Fonda in Brooklyn my Cheers because I eat there at least once a week. I’ve never had any Mexican food that I like as much, even in L.A.

Under-the-Radar Kitchen Supplies
I love shopping at [Japanese design store] Muji. They hire incredibly talented designers but don’t publicize the names. They have the best pans.

Not Buying into Broth
Bone broth is the new thing! It’s supposed to make you feel fantastic. I try not to get caught up in trends, though. Like, I’m skeptical about juice cleanses—they’re all packed with sugar.

Hotel Loyalty
We go to Round Hill in Jamaica every year. It’s very low-key—they have basket-weaving lessons and an incredible vegetable garden.

Causing Trouble In a Jamaican Airport
Our first time in Jamaica, I filled out the customs forms wrong. My son was having a tantrum, and the police came up to us. I was convinced we were being arrested. I’ve since learned there’s a service you can hire: They put a beer in your hand and make sure you’ve filled the forms out correctly.