By Carey Jones
Updated October 14, 2014
© The Arsenal at Bluejacket

Where: The Arsenal at Bluejacket, Washington DC

What: Hawaii has a serious knack for smashing all-American and distinctly Asian foods together (Spam musubi, anyone?). And as far as hangover cures go, another Hawaiian favorite, the deceptively simple Loco Moco is pretty brilliant. The classic Loco Moco is white rice, hamburger patties, and a fried egg but Arsenal at Bluejacket, in Washington, DC, features it on their brunch menu adorned with mushroom gravy and spicy togarashi, a Japanese chili pepper.

Wash it down with: A Bloody will do the trick, but it's wiser to dip into Arsenal's impressive beer selection, brewed on site; and what goes better with burgers, even burgers on rice, than a beer?